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7 reasons to colour your hair

These seven suggestions will persuade you to abandon your regular hair coloring and go with a natural hair color change without thinking twice.

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Is your hair colored? If the response is in the affirmative, it could be time to try out a bold new hue and enhance your entire appearance. If the response is negative, it’s about time you joined the hair coloring craze and gave your pals a stylish new haircut. We mean applying high-quality hair dye to add dimension or change the color of your natural hair, not bleaching it with peroxide. For the most convincing new arguments for coloring your hair in a healthy way, we chatted with Luis Pacheco, a Clairol color consultant, and Nina Farrauto, a color and styling expert at Garnier.

1. Because it benefits your natural or previously colored hair

We no longer believe that dyeing your hair would harm your natural hair, despite what we have been told. The components in hair color have greatly improved thanks to new technology and formulae. One advantage of coloring your hair is that it helps seal the cuticle, giving your hair a healthier appearance. A new color can also make hair look fuller, according to Farrauto. Extra credit for using your preferred hair color to tame flyaways and frizz without the need for an anti-frizz product.

2. As a result of seasonal changes in hair color

One excellent strategy to stay current with trends and build a hair color you adore is to replicate the styles you see on the runway. As a response to the shifts in fashion attire, which features lighter colors for spring and summer and darker hues for fall and winter, Farrauto notes that many individuals “tend to lighten their hair in the summer and darken it in the winter.” It may be enjoyable to play up your natural hair color with a trendy hair dye, regardless of whether you’re a die-hard trend follower or merely desire to alter up your shade for the seasons.

3. Since it conceals gray

Put simply, women of all ages can benefit from a high-quality hair color that camouflages the aging symptoms of natural hair. “Using an at-home hair color kit, you may quickly color your grey hairs to get rid of them. According to Farrauto, a semi-permanent color will either stain or cover up the gray in your hair.

4. Since it gives the surface more texture

A fresh hair color may completely revitalize your boring locks if they are lifeless and lacking volume, luster, or a glossy finish. According to Pacheco, “coloring your hair can highlight texture and add luster to bring back your hair’s shine due to overexposure.” Use the thickening ingredients in certain hair colors to gain more volume, but always go for the full appearance that comes with a hair color change.

5. As a result of your haircut

Incorporate color into your new haircut at the salon for a comprehensive hair makeover. “A fresh color goes well with a new haircut. For instance, a gorgeous pixie cut looks amazing on blondes like Michelle Williams, so why not go for the full look? states Pacheco. If you’re going to ask for a radical new haircut, choose a striking hair color to enhance the appearance and step outside of your comfort zone.

6. Since you must match the tone of your skin

Occasionally, the natural color of your hair may not complement your natural skin tone, creating a contrast between two key components of a beauty appearance. “You should always vary up your hair color since it should compliment your skin tone. According to Pacheco, it may also draw attention to your cheekbones and detract from any skin issues you wish to hide.

7. Since you require a reprieve

Your hair color will oxidize and lose vibrancy with time, regardless of whether you use a permanent hair color professional treatment or have natural hair. According to Farrauto, “you might want to refresh your hair with a temporary color if the color fades and your hair becomes dull over time.” The cuticle of your hair is unaffected by these temporary colors since they simply apply color to the exterior of your hair shaft. This gives hair the beautiful, lustrous finish that customers like on newly colored hair.