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7 Reasons Why I Love Food and Why You Should Too

The quote “people who love to eat are always the best people” by Julia Childs perfectly captures the idea. So what is it about food and its consumers that makes them so wonderful? Food is more than just what humans consume in times of hunger. Food is amazing, flavorful, creative, vibrant, motivating, and so much more. A shared love of food has the power to unite disparate individuals and, unintentionally, brighten even the darkest day. I think you should enjoy eating as much as I do. Here are some of the reasons I like eating so much.

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1. It fosters interpersonal relationships.

Nothing compares to having supper with your entire family at the same table at home. Food acts as a unifying force among individuals. Whether it’s an annual family event, taking a buddy out to dinner for their birthday, or gathering the whole family at your grandparents’ place for Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving, these are great ways to stay in contact and build relationships with people you may not see often. You can be sure I would accept an invitation to supper if a distant relative or family acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a long time was in Boston and wanted to ‘catch up’. Food is a beautiful item that has the power to unite people and keep the people you care about near.

2. It’s interpersonal.

How often have you contacted a buddy to say something like, “Hey, wanna get ice cream?” or “Rise and shine, we’re getting brunch.”? You might not be aware of it, but food is a major focal point of many social gatherings. Dinners on holidays or your birthday, excursions into the city, lunch dates, happy hours, cocktail parties, and even pizza parties in your dorm room. When someone announces that there will be food, a lot more people are likely to attend the event or social gathering. People connect over foods they love to eat, and a variety of communities have arisen around similar diets, such as the vegan community. Food enhances the enjoyment of everything and is a wonderful way to interact with people and gather with friends!

3. It is there for you at all times.

Issue: Unexpected split

The answer is a container of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream and your best friend’s shoulder to weep on.

Issue: You haven’t begun studying for tomorrow’s final.

Solution: A bowl of cereal and a Starbucks iced cappuccino with a double dose of espresso

Problem: You weren’t aware of your level of emotional investment until now, and Peter from The Bachelorette didn’t receive a rose.

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownies and a tirade on Twitter are the solution.

Observe? Food is usually a good option when you’re feeling down, even if it’s only momentarily. Individuals often use food as an incentive to complete their assignments ahead of time so they may have a study break and snack. Cozy clothing, a decent movie, and a container of ice cream might sometimes be all you need to cheer yourself up after a difficult day or after experiencing something upsetting.

4. It improves any gathering.

I am twenty times more likely to attend a party or function if I receive a text message stating that food will be served. Everything is better with food, especially during a gathering. Without tacos and queso or hamburgers and chips and guacamole, themed events like fiestas or tailgates wouldn’t be complete. Honestly, nothing sounds better than a party with food and beverages than an iPod playing music over a speaker in some strange basement. Eat more, party less.

5. Making it is enjoyable.

Nobody can stop me once I make up my mind to make the tiered rainbow cake I saw on Pinterest. Making food is just plain enjoyable. It’s fun to find recipes online, get ideas from Pinterest boards, watch Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network, or even make your family’s recipe for traditional Christmas cookies. Nothing makes you feel better than taking your handmade, oozy, and fragrant masterpiece out of the oven and, of course, sending pictures to all of your friends to prove to them how great of a chef you are.

6. It gives you a fresh perspective on learning about a foreign nation or culture.

It’s fascinating and enjoyable to visit other nations and sample their cuisine. Without anybody even having to say anything, it helps you gain a deeper understanding of the culture. Fresh strawberries grown from a farm in Indiana, handmade pasta produced in Italy, or tortillas prepared in a hut while on a service mission in Guatemala may all offer you a better understanding of the lives of people living in other areas of the world and even increase your appreciation for their cultures.

7. It conveys your concern to others.

You want to make up to your friend for the mistake you made? Take her out to your favorite restaurant for supper. Is your sister experiencing pain and emotion after having her wisdom teeth extracted? Present her with your favorite movie, applesauce, and Wendy’s Frostys as a surprise. Can’t you make it home for your mother’s birthday? Give her a card, some flowers, and a box of Fannie Mays.

Giving someone food is a wonderful way to express your concern. It is common for people to bring wine, desserts, or other treats as hostess presents to their friends’ homes. I find myself asking, ‘Is there anything you want me to bring?’ whenever I’m heading there. Picking up a box of cookies on your way to the celebration is such a tiny gesture, yet it has a big impact and demonstrates your increased concern.