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Adorable Things Your Bridesmaid Boxes Must Contain

Choosing what to include in a bridesmaid box is a major choice because these are presents for the individuals you hope to have by your side on your wedding day. We have a ton of bridesmaid box ideas that will let them know how much they matter to you, which is fortunate for you. It’s a lovely idea to ask your closest friends or family members to participate in your wedding with a bridesmaid proposal box, but it’s not always clear what to include. We’ve compiled a list of all our favorite items to include in a bridesmaid box below to make it as simple as possible. If you need additional ideas, don’t hesitate to browse the WeddingWire Shop.

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Items for a Bridesmaid Box

In addition to being authentic to you, the contents of your bridesmaid proposal box should make your wedding party smile. That may be presents, images of a memorable occasion, or a humorous card—whatever makes you smile! Don’t feel compelled to withdraw money from your rainy-day fund just yet—there are plenty of solutions to fit any budget. However, you might want to think about how you’ll send these boxes from a logistical standpoint, since it could affect what you include as well. Precious things like trinket dishes are a good choice if you want to meet your future bridesmaids in person. On the other hand, you might want to exclude anything fragile if you’re sending them via mail. Here are a ton of bridesmaid box ideas that can work in every situation.

A Personal Note.

A charming handmade note completes a box to ask your bridesmaids. Begin by spending some time writing a heartfelt card to every one of your bridesmaids, expressing your excitement for them to (hopefully) be there for you on the big day.

A pair of Satin Pajamas

Give each member of your team a set of adorable, monogrammed pajamas to add to your bridesmaid boxes. They’ll be ready for your upcoming girl’s night in or perhaps a great bachelorette weekend.

Sweet Treats are available.

Who doesn’t like a good reason to occasionally give in to their sweet tooth? Fill your bridesmaid boxes with this package of gummies scented like champagne for a gift your friends won’t be able to refuse. The finest aspect? You may design unique fold-out boxes with a personalized message and images with Greetabl. (PS: They even have a box print for a bridesmaid proposal.)

Heartfelt Necklaces

We adore the concept of include a bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings in your bridesmaid gift boxes, whether your group wants to wear matching jewelry on your wedding day or you just want to surprise them with something new. There is a sweet message attached to this necklace that asks, “Will you be my bridesmaid? Being with you would make me one really fortunate bride.”

Zodiac Nail Polish is available.

With these zodiac nail paints filled with crystals, you may prove to your crew that you know them well. Every sign has a distinct color to match their own characteristics. Who knew that heartfelt and stylish bridesmaid proposal box ideas could exist?

The Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

You get to choose items you know your bridesmaids will use when you make your own DIY bridesmaid proposal boxes. These adorable and multicolored hand sanitizers are practical and mess-free because they are a mist. They also include a ton of beneficial nutrients, such as moisturizing aloe vera. The nicest part about these amazing sanitizers isn’t even that—they smell absolutely amazing. We think this is a really good vanilla choice.

The Personalized Wine

Combine these personalized wine labels with a couple little bottles of rosé (or prosecco, or any other preferred beverage). What was the outcome? A sweet (and alcoholic) present for your prospective bridesmaids. Your maid of honor proposal box is also an option.


A mainstay when it comes to getting dressed on the wedding day are bridesmaid robes. Loungewear is a terrific place to start if you want to create a luxurious bridesmaid proposal box set.

The Wine Travel Tumblers

Put these useful travel tumblers in your DIY bridesmaid boxes; they’re ideal for sipping wine on the fly. Anyone up for a wine-tasting bachelorette?

The Luxe Lollipops

These sophisticated candies elevate bridal gift box ideas to a whole new level. Edible flowers from an organic farm are used to make each mouthwatering lollipop with a champagne taste.

A Something Sparkling

Refreshments are another fantastic choice for what to add in a bridesmaid box, whether you choose champagne, prosecco, or a non-alcoholic, fizzy beverage (particularly if they’re miniature-sized!). Because of their special, natural components, these delicious sodas include beneficial prebiotics.

The Cute Keepsakes

Give your bridesmaids unforgettable mementos that they will always cherish to make your gifts extra memorable. Comes in a little “will you be my…” bridesmaid or maid of honor gift box, this sparkling ornament.

The Friendship Bracelets

A very meaningful time in your relationship is when you ask someone to be a bridesmaid. With both of your initials on this vintage beaded bracelet, you can commemorate it. Alternatively, get one each for you and them, and wear each other’s initials. What considerate ideas for bridesmaid boxes!