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Affordable, Easy & Durable: 8 Benefits of Yard Signs

It’s simple to overlook time-tested print marketing strategies in a world where marketing trends change as quickly as an internet connection. But perhaps this post will convince you otherwise! Despite their unassuming appearance, yard signs are a great method to engage your present clientele, build brand recognition, and draw in new customers.

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Here are 8 reasons why you should incorporate yard signs into your marketing arsenal, applicable to both restaurants and real estate brokers!

1. Location Targeting Made Easy

Yard signs are a straightforward but incredibly powerful tool for directing attention to a specific physical area, which is why they are almost always associated with garage sales. Naturally, a garage sale isn’t necessary either!

At the precise moment when it counts most, you may attract potential consumers’ attention with the correct signage. Yard signs, for instance, are an excellent means of highlighting:


Event parking

Open homes for real estate

Real estate for sale

grand openings of stores

Voting places

Companies that are currently recruiting

2. Minimal Investment

What’s another reason yard signs are so popular as a do-it-yourself marketing tool? They’re really affordable! Yard signs are a small portion of the budget when compared to the price of a single huge billboard, a TV/radio broadcast, or an intricate digital marketing campaign.

When you’re ready to print, you’ll know precisely how much your yard sign will cost if you design it with its jumpin. While our yard signs are reasonably priced, they convey a far more polished image than handwriting on a yard sign from the shop.

3. No Need for Specific Knowledge

Yard signs need very little money up front, and they also require very little time and work to maintain. In actuality, yard signs are among the easiest marketing strategies to use! You won’t have to pick up any new software or learn how to use any tools; you don’t even need to be familiar with the newest marketing technologies.

4. Assured Local Viewership

One of the main advantages of yard signs is that you can very much decide who sees them. You may target the ideal customer base for your business by placing them in specific neighborhoods, shopping malls, or approved public spaces.

You are the expert on your local region and your specific target group, after all!

5. Different Perspectives for Each Individual

Your yard sign audience is probably local, and you’ll gain from recurring exposure as well. Yard signs serve as a discreet but reliable reminder that your business is available for business, since research indicates that it often takes a client many contacts with a firm before they are ready to make a purchase.

Yard signs are an inexpensive way to increase brand recognition via regular exposure. This is a highly effective tactic used by political candidates, as you might expect!

6. Installation Without Hassle

Yard signs are perfect for a do-it-yourself installation, unlike many other sorts of signage. It won’t take much room to move them or expensive equipment to install them.

Yard signs are a great method to establish your brand because they’re portable, reasonably priced, and lightweight. This is especially true if you offer services from home, such as these:

lawn maintenance

Grass cutting



Air Conditioning

Installing plumbing

removal of trees


7. Minimal Upkeep

You won’t have to worry about your yard signs moving once you’ve staked them out! The sturdy materials used to make high-quality yard signs, such as Coroplast, enable them to withstand the elements rather well. This corrugated plastic is suitable for outdoor and indoor settings and is resistant to tearing and bending.

An additional perk of its durability? You may utilize the same yard signs often and receive even greater return on your investment if you develop an evergreen yard sign with content that doesn’t change over time.

8. Personalized Text Messages

Yard signs are a great method to express non-sales-focused seasonal messaging for occasions like Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, and the new year, in addition to typical marketing messages!

It’s quite simple; just design a cheerful and imaginative yard sign for the holidays and distribute it to your service regions. By doing this, you’ll raise brand recognition and provide homeowners with a simple method to deck their front yards and spread the festive cheer.