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Are engagement rings worn by men?

What picture comes to mind when you think about engagement rings? You’re not alone if your mind conjures up images of a glistening diamond on a happy woman’s left hand. However, a new ritual has emerged in our modern day. Men are wearing engagement rings to demonstrate their commitment to and love for the person they are about to marry, and these rings are growing in popularity.

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Indeed, a minimum of 17% of the men polled expressed their willingness to wear an engagement ring, and the custom is quickly gaining traction. Check out some interesting information about men’s engagement rings that you might not be aware of as this becomes a new national and international trend.

The Background of Engagement Rings for Men

Men’s engagement rings may seem like a recent fashion, but they have been around for almost a century—at least in the US. Newspaper advertisements with macho imagery were used by L. Bamberger & Co., a department store in New Jersey, to promote men’s engagement jewelry as early as 1926. (You are most likely better familiar with Bamberger’s under its present name, Macy’s, which was chosen in 1986.)

Alright, so at the time, males weren’t particularly into wearing engagement rings. However, keep in mind that males weren’t even wearing wedding bands all that frequently in the 1920s; this began to alter in the 1940s when superstars like Humphrey Bogart began to do so.

The men’s engagement ring began to make a resurgence in the early 2000s. A new trend began when a British jeweler created a dashing titanium band with a few tiny diamonds set into it and marketed it as a man’s engagement ring. As a matter of fact, a 2013 poll revealed that a startling proportion of males expressed interest in donning an engagement ring; they are only waiting for their significant others to initiate contact.

Right Hand Engagement Ring Wearing

Men’s engagement and wedding bands are sold individually, whereas women’s rings are sometimes marketed as a stacked set with the wedding band included. Some guys simply switch out their engagement rings for their wedding bands. Others, who value the concept of distinct bands, move their engagement rings to their right hands on their wedding day and treasure the thought that each hand now symbolizes their love and dedication. Some men decide to wear their engagement ring around their neck by hanging it on a lengthy chain, depending on the design of the band.

Rings for Engagement in Same-Sex Relationships

The market for men’s engagement rings has experienced phenomenal development since same-sex marriage became legal in the US in 2015. It seems logical that a man who is engaged to his girlfriend would wish to commemorate their commitment with an engagement ring; after all, if one man is donning one, why wouldn’t the other?

As a matter of fact, 40% of homosexual marriages include both males wearing engagement rings, and almost half of all gay men getting married choose to wear one.

Gay men occasionally choose diamond rings that closely resemble the rings that engaged women usually wear. However, a lot of homosexual men select engagement rings that resemble men’s conventional wedding bands. These days, engagement rings made especially for same-sex couples are produced by jewelry designers.

Engagement Rings for Men in All Cultures

Some guys wear engagement rings, but not because they’re trying to fit in with the latest fashion. Rather, they are paying tribute to enduring customs from their own native cultures. Male engagement rings are a long-standing custom in several Latin American nations, most notably in Argentina and Chile. Men from such cultures frequently wear men’s engagement rings as a symbol of their own heritage; some men who marry into those cultures also wear men’s engagement rings in observance of their fiancée’s family customs.

Male Celebrities Flaunting Their Rings of Engagement

Considering that Humphrey Bogart pioneered the men’s wedding band in the 1940s, it’s hardly unexpected that a lot of well-known figures have jumped on the male engagement ring craze. When Ed Sheeran appeared in public with an engagement ring on and gave an explanation for its wearing, the media took notice.

Other well-known people who have been sighted with men’s engagement rings include Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Skylar Astin, and Michael Bublé. Their women made proposals and provided them engagement rings in a few of these occasions. In other instances, the decision to trade engagement rings was made by both parties. A few years ago, Jennifer Hudson made headlines when she proposed to her fiancé again and gave him a 5-carat diamond ring to wear as a token of their love and devotion, in response to his engagement ring.