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Different Types of Semi-Permanent Makeup

Initially, we need to have a fundamental comprehension of:

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What is semi-permanent makeup exactly?

Micro-pigmentation, another name for semi-permanent makeup, is a kind of cosmetic tattooing that allows for the application of long-lasting makeup, including lip color, eyeliner, and eyebrows. Like a tattoo, the process involves injecting tiny pigment particles under the skin’s surface. The applied pigment lasts for a number of years before deteriorating and eventually going away. Thankfully, advances in micro-pigmentation procedures have made it possible to create looks that seem more natural and a wider spectrum of colors.

In addition to improving appearance, semi-permanent cosmetics may be used to hide vitiligo, baldness, or scars. A tattoo is not the same as semi-permanent makeup. However, depending on your skin type and the type of pigment used, the lifetime might range from 18 months to 3 years.

Amazing methods are now being employed globally in the permanent cosmetics industry, which has witnessed somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. Today, we’re going to delve deeper into this topic and go over all you need to know about the top permanent makeup trends for 2021.

Highlighting lips

In 2021, lip blushing became a very fashionable semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. To get a soft and blurred lipstick look, many sessions of pigment application are required.

Customers who choose this kind of semi-permanent makeup must have a high threshold for discomfort and a great deal of patience. It’s possible that many sessions may be required for this process, and the affected area of the face is quite sensitive.

Of course, the effort and time are well worth it. When applied properly, lip blushing has a delicate, natural, yet stunning appearance. One of the main reasons artists have to deal with so many various kinds of pigments is that they match the pigment to the natural lip color of their clients.

Long-lasting eyeliner

This is perhaps one of the most often used types of permanent cosmetics.

It is perfect for anyone who want to add a little flair to their everyday look without spending a lot of time on makeup application. Permanent eyeliner can refer to either a lash line enlargement tattoo or a regular, standard eyeliner tattoo.

Permanent eyeliner is quite versatile, no matter what style the consumer chooses. Permanent eyeliner may be subtle, soft, and entirely natural, or it can be bold, dramatic, and complex. The specific preferences of the customer will decide it.

Since permanent eyeliner is a simple and attractive way to enhance the natural appearance of eyelashes and make eyes appear bigger, it has been quite popular recently. It helps to save time and effort while applying cosmetics.

Permanent eyeliner is created by putting minuscule amounts of color into the skin with a permanent cosmetics pen. There is a small risk of infection, as with any irreversible operation, but since this is a popular and widely used therapy, many skilled painters have had success with it.

Eternal Pink

Even if our kind of permanent makeup is less popular than the others on this list, it is nonetheless important to talk about. If a customer finds the right artist, a permanent blush may be subtle, attractive, and rather stunning for a range of people when done correctly.

These kinds of strategies are employed by people to expedite their cosmetic operations and boost their self-esteem when they are not wearing their typical cosmetics. Blusher is a product that a lot of people overlook when planning their makeup routine because it’s so handy to have when trying to put together an appearance.

It is important to remember that this is a really difficult process that not many artists would try. The healing and longevity of the therapy may be negatively impacted by anything from sunshine to skincare products. Moreover, this method calls for a very skilled artist.

Do your research and select the greatest artist if permanent blush is something you are thinking about. Pay close attention to the aftercare recommendations to guarantee the best possible result.


Dark circles can be remedied using skin-like ink, which is quite irritating and might give the impression that you are tired.

Tiny tattoos

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to permanent makeup, you have probably heard of this technique. These days, microblading is quite popular, and some artists focus just on this field as their vocation. The tools and training available for microblading are of the highest caliber available.

The procedure of creating detailed, realistic-looking strokes to mimic eyebrow hairs on a person’s brows is known as microblading. This method is quite well-liked in the internet beauty community and might yield some really nice and natural results.

Like any other kind of tattoo, microblading has to be touched up. The majority of clients could expect to visit their artist once again in a year or two, therefore proper follow-up is dependent on the aftercare procedures. If you want to give microblading a shot, pick a tattoo artist who will help you every step of the way.

Scalp micropigmentation

One common use of micro-pigmentation is scalp pigmentation. With this popular technique, small, closely spaced dots are used to mimic the look of scalp hair.

It’s an excellent strategy to help those who are losing hair feel more confident and satisfied with their hair’s overall appearance. People of all gender identities use this technique, which requires a very skilled artist to get a natural finish.

Ombré Micropigmentation of the Brows

The term “micropigmentation” encompasses a wide range of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic procedures. Let’s finally take a look at some significant developments in this sector.

One of the most fashionable micro-pigmentation looks at the moment is ombre eyebrows. They will actually be a major trend that competes with microbladed brows in 2021. This technique uses tiny dots, much like a regular tattoo would.

In many cases, ombre brows may last longer than microbladed brows, and the final appearance are also quite similar to the MUA-style brows that are now popular. They are definitely worth looking into if you want to have your brows done.