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How to interpret auction papers in Japanese

A Japanese auction sheet is a common tool to have when trying to purchase a car from Japan. It is an extremely useful tool for observing a car’s condition at various points in time. With this tutorial, we hope you will be able to grasp the majority of what is stated, even if it could appear a little intimidating at first.

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A few distinct auction networks exist, with branches spread throughout Japan, and the auction sheet, its symbols, and the grading grade vary slightly from one sale to the next.

An example of an auction sheet from the USS auction network may be seen below.

Total Score

S / 6: The car is typically around 10,000 kilometers, less than a year old from the first registration date, and both the outside and the inside are in outstanding shape.

5: As good as grade S, but with a few little flaws that can be fixed easily or not at all.

4.5: Although there are a few small flaws here and there, the overall quality is excellent.

4: Above average grade with minor dents and scratches, occasionally with internal flaws.

3.5: An average rating that needs some upkeep and little repairs.

3. The inside frequently has cigarette burn marks, stains, and wear, while the outside has obvious dents, scratches, and bodywork-related repair marks.

2 – When a vehicle has significant corrosion holes, it is rated as a grade 2.

*** / 0 / 99: The car is not operational, has not had an inspection, has been in a serious collision and not been repaired, or both.

R-Repaired car with a past collision

RA/R1: Minor collision that was well-repaired.

Interior Grade

A As fresh

B really tidy and pleasant

C Average with minor deterioration. perhaps some cracks, bubbles, and/or screws in the dashboard from smoking cigarettes.

D Burn markings and holes from cigarettes, together with rips, tears, breaks, and other damage

E It will need to be repaired extensively overall.

The schematic of the vehicle

For the majority of the cars we purchase for our clients, we often conduct inspections (pictures and videos) in addition to translating the auction sheets. particularly those enrolled in grades 4 and lower. Rust is almost always mentioned in the negative comments part of auction sheets, although it is rarely described to what extent. Rust is not taken into account when assigning an overall rating. A 3.5-grade automobile may be completely covered in rust whereas an R-grade car with only a small repair is in excellent shape. By providing you with a thorough overview of the complete vehicle prior to placing a bid, the inspection helps to alleviate this problem.

If you only need assistance with car shopping or if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are pleased to assist you with translations, inspections, and the process until you are confident with the car you choose to bid on.