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The benefits of made to measure curtains – why they’re worth the investment

Selecting made-to-measure curtains might be challenging, but there are a lot of advantages over ready-made curtains. If you’re one of those people who brushes off made-to-measure as unnecessary spending, you might be shocked to learn that they’re really more affordable than you would have imagined. Here’s why investing in made-to-measure curtains is worthwhile:

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Five Things To Consider Before Placing An Order For Customized Curtains

Selecting made-to-measure curtains is a significant choice, which is why we created this video to assist you. Join Gemma as she discusses the five things you should know about measuring for curtains, choosing a fabric, installing curtain tracks and poles, linings, and headings before purchasing made-to-measure curtains.

More Options:

There isn’t a lot of variety in terms of style or design among the ready-made curtains available on the market. How often have you chosen to use store-bought curtains that you don’t particularly like, but are sufficient anyway, telling yourself that you’ll replace them later? This is a scam economy! Selecting made-to-measure curtains is an intelligent decision that will pay off in the long run. You may genuinely have the style and appearance you truly desire for your house thanks to the wide selection of fabrics and designs available, and that is invaluable!

Ideal Fit:

customized The curtains are made to precisely suit your windows. Because windows come in a variety of sizes and forms, you may outfit each one differently by selecting made-to-measure curtains. Properly fitting curtains not only improve the appearance of your space but also aid with light management, privacy concerns, and heating expenses. It’s not as difficult as you would think to measure up for curtain fittings since Hole in the Wall Curtains offers a free Curtain Measuring Guide and a Curtain Fabric Calculator to help you determine how much fabric you’ll need for your window.

Unique design

Customized features can be added to your made-to-measure curtains in addition to the hundreds of fabric kinds, colors, and designs available. To begin with, select your preferred curtain headers, such as tab top, eyelet, pencil, or triple pleats; each header gives your space a unique appearance and feel. After that, you may get creative with customization by adding tie-backs, dual-fabric draperies, and pom-pom finishes. There is an infinite list.

Improved Handiwork:

You are investing in exceptional craftsmanship when you choose made-to-measure curtains. Skilled seamstresses craft made-to-measure curtains by hand, guaranteeing a superior finish. Every little detail, including the linings and stitching, is expertly crafted, and it shows. Made-to-measure curtains are more durable and long-lasting than ready-made ones because they are manufactured with such meticulous attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship.

Total Money Made Goods:

Your made-to-measure curtains will more than pay for themselves over time, even if the initial cost may be more. They are made to last since they are expertly manufactured by hand by knowledgeable specialists. This implies that they won’t need to be changed as frequently as ready-made substitutes. Additionally, the curtains will fit better and aid in decreasing heat loss, which will lower your heating expenses, because they are tailored to the precise dimensions of your window. Additionally, keep in mind that a well-dressed window can raise the worth of your house as a whole.

Assistance and Counseling:

Choosing made-to-measure curtains might be intimidating, particularly if you’ve never placed a curtain order before. However, if you go with made-to-measure, you’ll be collaborating with experts in their field who can support you through the whole curtain-making process. They may help with measurement and installation, as well as provide guidance and advise on fabric selection, linings, header styles, and other design features.

Speak with a member of our welcoming staff at Hole in the Wall Curtains if you’re considering selecting made-to-measure curtains but are unsure of where to start. From our large assortment of textiles, they can help you achieve the appropriate style for the right budget by guiding you through the process.